Help & FAQ

MASC Contest Submission Process

  1. Register to enter
  2. Submit as many songs as you want
  3. Review your submissions to make sure they are perfect
  4. Pay for your submissions and you are done!

Q: How do I join SAW in order to take advantage of the discounted member rates?

A: You may join SAW at a MASC Special 1-year Membership Fee of $25 (reg. Rate $35) at

Q: Do I have to live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States to enter?

A: No, MASC is an International song contest. You do not have to reside in the United States to enter, and to be a prize winner. However, some prizes may be located in a particular US geographic area; for example, a music conference or a recording studio.

Q: Do I lose any copyright or publishing rights to my song?

A: No! All songs remain the property of the songwriter(s).

Q: in Checkout, my country is not included in the list.

A: Please email us using the form on the Contact Us page, and let us know what country is missing. We’ll get it added to the list right away and let you know that you can proceed to Checkout.

Q: What format should my song file be in?

A: Your song file should be in MP3 format

Q: I'm getting an HTTP 0 error message when I try to upload my mp3 file?

A: Our system will not accept an apostrophe (') in the mp3 filename. Please rename your mp3 file, eliminating the apostrophe. Also, if you have a problem uploading a file for this reason or any other, or you just decide not to save a file that you've uploaded, please log out of your account then log back in before attempting another upload.

Q: Can I submit my song by mail?

A: Yes you can. Download this Entry Form pdf, fill it out, and mail it with a CD and your payment to:
4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
PMB 106-137
Washington, DC 20016

Q: I have been given a discount code that gives me one free song entry or a reduced fee. How can I redeem it?

A. After you create your account and upload your song, stop at that point and do not submit a payment. Please email us using the form on the Contact Us page, and let us know your name, the discount code, and your song title. We’ll contact you to let you know that we’ve manually changed your song’s status from unpaid to paid (if it’s a free entry) or we’ll let you know how to pay the reduced fee.

Q: Will you sell the MASC Winners’ Compilation CD, and do I receive royalties?

A: The MASC Compilation CD is for promotional purposes to promote the winning artists of the contest; it will not be sold; there will be no digital distribution or streaming; and no royalties will be paid. The distribution of the CD will include but not be limited to radio, industry and press, and you will retain all rights to your song.

Q: Can I delete a song once I've submitted it?

A: Yes, click on Manage My Songs, select a song, and then press the "edit" button. You will then see a "delete" button at the bottom of the form.

Q: Can I delete a song once I've paid for it?

A: No, once you've submitted and paid for a song, you can not delete it.

Q: Can I edit a song once it has been paid for?

A: No, you can only edit songs before they are paid for. Please make sure you have reviewed all your entries before you pay for them.

Q: Can I submit more songs after I've paid for my songs?

A: Yes, simply add more songs. In the "Manage My Songs" section they will show up as "unpaid". When you click "pay for songs" it will only charge you for unpaid songs.

Q: Do you have a Lyrics only category?

A: No, each song must be recorded so that the judges can consider all the facets of a good song. However, the judges are instructed to disregard the production/quality of the recording.